So said Eric Newby in his Himalayan classic, “A short walk in the Hindu Kush” in 1956, and he had it right: this has been our inspiration to get out of the car and onto our bikes, on our feet, or other modes of transport and experience the 360 degree world as it is; smell it, see it, hear it and feel it.


Adventure holiday in Argentina


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Adventure holiday in Bhutan


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New Zealand

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South Africa

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Sri Lanka

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Kathmandu Valley Rim
Kathmandu Valley Rim

Enfield Escape
Enfield Escape

The North and South Epic
The North and South Epic

Southern Off Road Adventure
Southern Off Road Adventure

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Eye Candy

  • An easy single trails
  • Hiking

Tour Date : February 2012

We\'ve traveled to Nepal 4 times, and each trip was organized by Unique Trails.

Every tour was a fully customized adventure which seemed to get better each time we returned. The riding in Nepal is fantastic and Mads and his super advanced guides really know how to sniff out those trails you would never usually find. You can ride anything from...

- Glen Impey
   Dubai, UAE

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Mads Mathiasen